Animal Quest

Welcome to the Animal Quest! Join four brave adventurers in their epic quest for gold and glory. They will settle with glory, while you will get all the gold you can carry. All you have to do is spin the reels persistently and make sure you’ve got space in your pockets to carry all the bounty you’ve got. Your adventures have never been this profitable – you will be surprised by your odds with the Animal Quest!

Animal Quest is a classic-looking 5×4 reels slot machine with 40 fixed pay lines. There are sharp graphics here and tons of ways to win an essential amount of money. With a bit of luck, you can instantly double your balance after the very first spin. The victory can be easily achieved due to the number of symbols on those reels. The list includes:

  • Red Panda Adventurer;
  • Witty Possum Swashbuckler;
  • Tough Rhino Brawler;
  • Gadgeteer Turtle;
  • Mysterious Masks, etc.

Besides, the game includes lots of additional symbols and tools to help you win – and get a considerable amount of money as a result. For instance, there is a Scatter symbol here. But there is a feature that makes Animal Quest even more profitable – you can add a Wild to your Scatter combination, to get Free Spins. In this slot to trigger Free Spins round, you need at least 2 Scatters and 1 Wild – and get 10 Free Spins! Moreover, there are big symbols in the game – they cover 6 positions on the reel, increasing your victory chances several times. Finally, there are golden versions of all the symbols – they are multipliers that will immediately increase your bet!

Animal Quest looks awesome – there are stunning artworks in the game, as well as great animations and incredible special effects. You will enjoy the looks of this game from the very beginning. The background music is excellent and will help you to enjoy the slot machine. And, as mentioned above, you can make literally tons of money because the odds in this slot are totally on your side. Do not hesitate anymore, place the bet and spin the reels with the Norway Casino!

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