Apollo God of The Sun

The Apollo, God of The Sun, requires your assistance. While God opposes the evil outworldly giants, you have to manage the reality, and make sure the Stellar Sanctuary is safe. After all, it contains reality as we know it, and messing with it can be so dangerous. So, while Apollo is busy, you have to take care of business and manage to protect the Universe. You will hide it in the Divine Reel, among the other stellar deities, and make a cosmic fortune while doing so. Prepare to become as rich as a god – and save the Universe at the same time.

Apollo God of The Sun is an extended version of the classic slot machine with numerous built-in advantages of the hidden Free Games. The main difference of the game is its giant game field that consists of two colossal reels: the first one 5×4 with 25 pay lines, and the second one – 5×12 reels with 75 pay lines. Before you go spinning you’d better learn the table of symbols:

  • Flaming Lyre;
  • Celestial Bow;
  • Stellar Sanctuary;
  • Apollo’s Wraith;
  • Letters and Digits.

As you can see, lots of symbols and vast game field can make your spins very rewarding – taking into account the number of reels here. Moreover, the game includes special symbols that, when gathered, can reward you with 15 Free Games that include variable multipliers and extended bets. As you can see, the victory in this game is just in front of you, and all you have to do is press a button and take your prize. Being the slot with such a vast game field, Apollo God of The Sun can award you with godlike fortune.

Apollo God of The Sun is a top-rated game among gamers all over the world. That is due to its profitability and user-friendly interface. Moreover, this game can be very engaging because it is customized to be friendly and rewarding for every player. That makes Apollo God of The Sun slot the best option to pick if you play the slots for the first time. And if you are an experienced player, you will be surprised by the number of prizes. Stop waiting and make your first spin in the Apollo God of The Sun with the Norway Casino!

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