Welcome to the famous Atlantis! It is still in one piece, yet the treasures of ancient times were lost and hidden. Luckily, you’ve found one of the ancient vaults, and now you have to open it. To achieve this, you should spin the reels of the lock and get to the next part of Atlantean treasures by getting a prize combination of symbols. As you can see, the victory is at hand, and all you need is a bit of persistence to claim what rightfully yours!

Atlantis is an advantageous slot with 6×5 reels and no fixed pay lines. Instead, your victory combination is triggered by three and more adjacent symbols. Considering there are lots of symbols and special winning combinations here, you will be victorious more often than not. There are plenty of basic symbols to begin your spins, including:

  • Magic Tablet;
  • Ancient Gear;
  • Shell Drill;
  • Boiling Cauldron;
  • Atlantean Masks etc.

Moreover, there is a Scatter symbol – as soon as you collect 4 and more of them on your reels, your bonus round with 8 Free Spins will be triggered. As long as you will have Scatters on your screen, you will get extra Free Spins, so your game can be rewarding and free at the same time. There is, also, a Wild that will fill the gap in any of your winning combinations, and lots of special combinations that will multiply your reward instantly. As you can see, Atlantis slot includes lots of prizes and bonuses, so victory is at hand.

The Atlantis slot machine looks sharp and very appealing. The game offers you incredible artworks and animations to engage and entertain you while spinning the reels. All the symbols are perfectly drawn and look great. There is a background soundtrack that will help you focus while spinning the reels. Besides, there are great animations that will help you deep into the game’s atmosphere. As you can see, Atlantis is a great slot to make tons of money with little to no efforts. Start winning with Norway Casino right now!

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