Attila the Hun is one of the most fearsome warriors and conquerors of the world. During his endless military campaigns, he managed to gather indescribable treasures. Being a strong and dreaded warrior, he’s got one small hobby. He enjoys playing with you and has a mood to share some of the fortunes he possesses. The only term here is that you have to win those fortunes with your own luck and wit. That is easier than it seems because there are lots of bonuses and extra opportunities at your side. Go ahead – build up your wealth using the favor of the great Attila the Hun!

Attila is a vintage 5×3 slot that offers you to join the army of the legendary Attila and get your share of the treasures he has gathered through the journeys. With this slot machine, you will have an opportunity to win an incredible amount of coins. that can be achieved because of the number of symbols on the reels:

  • Fearsome Attila;
  • Hun Warriors;
  • Nomad Archers;
  • Sharp Scimitar;
  • Leather Quivers;
  • Letters and Numbers.

As you can see, the amount of symbols is really high for the 5×3 reels game field. That means you will get your winning combinations more often than you could expect. Besides, to increase the output, there are Scatters in the game, that will provide you with 15 Free Games with x3 Multiplier. As you can see, the prizes can be really enormous here.

Attila’s slot machine’s artwork looks very impressive and a bit of vintage. All the arts here are animated, so be prepared that the Attila will lead you to battle personally, while other symbols will make something to congratulate you on your victory. The game is easy to master and very profitable to play. Besides, it will bring you a lot of profits. So, if you want to have a great time while making money – do not hesitate to place your bet in the Norway Casino right now!

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