Aztec Gold

The Ancient Aztec Empire praised the Sun and enjoyed gathering gold – it was a symbol of their Sun-God. Their days have long been gone, yet numerous treasures are still hidden somewhere in their abandoned cities. With the Aztec Gold slot, discover that incredible wealth and become the only owner of indescribable fortune! Start spinning the reels of the mysterious pyramid and open all the vaults with the Aztec Gold!

The Aztec Gold slot is a classic 5×3 reels game with 21 fixed pay lines. This slot can offer you time-tested gaming experience and a chance to make lots of money. There is a hidden bonus game to make sure you will make tons of money, and plenty of symbols on the reels. You can get lots of winning combinations due to the number of symbols, including:

  • Piles of Gold;
  • Cunning Jaguar;
  • Aztec Warchief;
  • Poisonous Frog;
  • Bald Eagle, etc.

Moreover, there is a Wild symbol that will fill the gaps in any of your winning combinations but Scatter. Yes, the Scatter is also in this game – Aztec Pyramid portrays it. And, traditionally, 3 Scatters on the reels will trigger a bonus game. Yet, that won’t be Free Spins – you can win them randomly here. Instead, you will get a Prize Pyramid Game – you have to select one of three Aztec pyramids and take your bonus. The maximum bonus in this game is x390 times your bet’s amount. As you can see, you can win an incredible sum of money within a single round.

Aztec Gold slot has vintage vibes – the artwork here is a bit outdated, yet the game looks charming and can be very profitable. The soundtrack is nice – the sounds and background music will accompany you while your spins and help you enjoy the game. Hesitate no more – place your first bet with Aztec Gold on the Norway Casino website right now!

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