Bananas Go Bahamas

If you want to go on vacation but for some reason, can’t do it right now – Bananas Go Bahamas is a great game to relax and feel like a jolly banana spending time on Bahama Islands. And if you want to have a good time, join Banana and his friends and go on vacation. There you can have a great time, swim and dive, drink exotic cocktails and take sunbathes. All you have to do is to make your first spin in Bananas Go Bahamas – who knows; you may as well win some money on your own, real vacation here!

Being one of the most popular slots all over the world, Bananas Go Bahamas can offer you a lot of opportunities to win tons of money. Just look at the number of symbols for the winning combinations:

  • lazy watermelon;
  • cheerful strawberry;
  • sharp pineapple;
  • mad mango;
  • relaxed coconut;
  • numbers and digits;
  • happy banana;
  • gripsack as the Scatter.

As you can see, those symbols will make your game rewarding and easy. Besides, collecting three and more gripsacks will get you a hidden free game to increase your chances of winning even more. Thus, Bananas Go Bahamas is one of the most engaging and profitable games in our collection. Finally, the graphics here are great and can remind you of your best vacation. Feel like traveling? Test your determination and win money for the ticket!

Bananas Go Bahamas is a great and engaging slot. It can be very profitable for the beginner player and an excellent opportunity to double the amount of money for the skilled one. If you want to play a game where your chances to win are very high – that is the slot machine you were looking for. Bananas Go Bahamas is a perfect game for every player looking for wealth in the Norway Casino!

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