Blue Beard

Welcome to the mysterious castle of the infamous Blue Beard. In its chambers, there is plenty of gold and diamonds. There is a charming maiden locked somewhere here. Will you be able to save her from the insidious sorcerer? Will you find your way in the castle’s labyrinths? The place is full of gold, so you will leave the Blue Beard’s castle wealthy and successful in case of victory. On the other hand – it will take all your passion and willpower to save yourself from the magic of this place. Numerous chests of gold await for you – are you willing to have them?

Blue Beard is a classic 5X4 reels slot that can easily be distinguished from other slot machines. It has got astonishing graphics and very easy to win. The victory is always at hand due to the number of symbols present on the reels:

  • Letters;
  • Chalices;
  • Blue Beard;
  • Charming Maiden;
  • Chest with Gold;
  • Golden Keys;
  • Mysterious Glyphs;
  • Daggers;
  • Ring.

As you can see, there are more than enough symbols in the reels slots to get hundreds of thousands of winning combinations, thus ensuring your constant victory. Moreover, there is a secret hidden game of risk to double your bet an unlimited amount of time. Finally, there is a Scatter Golden Key – its presence will launch Free Spins and add its part to your chance to win.

Blue Beard is a very engaging and appealing game. The graphic here is incredible and will help you feel the mysterious Blue Beards castle’s vibes. Reveal all its secrets and make as much money as you can carry! It is a promising and engaging game, and you can double your balance with little to no effort. Do not hesitate – place your bets in the Norway Casino and start your victorious travel through the slots right now!

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