Charming Queens

Three Charming Queens invite you to their palace this evening. Your goal is to help them decide who will rule the united Empire the entire year. You can do this spinning the jade reels in their palace’s garden. With all the money you win, you can buy the Imperial Throne and give it to one of the queens. Perhaps, one of them will even make you her regent. Or some of the girls will find any other unusual ways to win your favor. Anyway, right now, your goal is to spin the reels and make as many gold coins as you can! Good luck – three Charming Queens awaits!

Charming Queens is a classic 5×3 slot with 20 fixed pay lines. There are plenty of winning combinations in this game and you would be surprised how often you will win money. Moreover, the game includes several special bonuses and random events to ensure you will win round after round. Let’s start with the reels – there are quite enough symbols on them:

  • Blooming Lotus;
  • Charming Peacock;
  • Resting Kitty;
  • Dragon Chalice;
  • Chinese Lantern, etc.

There is a Scatter in this game. As usual, to get the profit, you have to gather 3 of them on those reels and you will get Free Spins round that will help you make even more money. Besides, there is a Wild Symbol. When you get a gap in your winning combination, Wild can fill it and fill it, thus granting you a victory. Finally, the Charming Queens slot includes three kinds of random events, but it is way more engaging to find out those details personally!

The Charming Queens game is beautifully animated and drawn. There are lanterns and fireflies in the background. The artwork in the game looks excellent and really detailed, and you will enjoy watching sexy queens. There are beautiful animations every time a Wild or any other winning combinations appear. The background music sounds incredible, and you feel all the vibes of the calm queen’s palace in the evening. Hesitate no more – this game is both engaging and profitable, and you may place a bet with Norway Casino right now!

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