Courier Sweeper

ourier Sweeper offers you the role of the mighty elven prince. As a prince, you’ve got a personal royal donkey. Why donkey? Well, why not? Cheaper than the horse. Anyway, one day you and your donkey were separated by the minefield. Unique sort of orcish mines, you know. Yes, and now your goal is to lead your donkey through the minefield. That is a tricky mission, yet every time you succeed, you can win tons of money. And now the elven prince has totally forgotten the great mission, and runs poor donkey through the minefield, gathering bets from orks. Great business idea, right?

How do you play Courier Sweeper? There are no special skills required. First, you choose the size of the minefield – from 2×3 to 6×15. Then you click the sector of the field you think is clean of mine. The donkey goes there, and… it is either Kaboom or the donkey survives, till the next sector. Your goal is to lead the donkey to the elven prince again and again and again. Of course, the further into the field you go, the bigger the multipliers are applied to your bet. Keep in mind you can take your winning at any moment – thus, you can be sure you are in control of your success.

Courier Sweeper is a nice-looking and very engaging instant game with numerous opportunities to double, triple, or quadruple your money. Moreover, you can take your prize even if you haven’t led the donkey to the field’s end. Of course, the bigger your bet is, the further you’ve led the donkey – the bigger multipliers are applied to your money. To win the biggest prize, you’d better cross that field. Yet, it is up to you. Or, and by the way – no animals were harmed during the development process. This instant game is incredible for everyone who wants to see the result immediately and make crazy amounts of money. Place your bet and win with the Norwat Casino now!

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