Dracula Riches

Dracula Riches is a slot for everyone who enjoys gothic vampire stories and loves horror movies. Make your way through the castle of infamous Dracula, learn his story, and get your hand at the mighty vampire’s innumerous treasures. Join the vampire hunt and meet the charming bride of Dracula. But beware of the vampires – they will not give up easily. Make all the spins possible to get away from the Dracula castle with gold and diamonds. Write down your name in the classic vampire story and take your share of the Dracula Riches!

Dracula Riches is a classic 5×4 slot for everyone who enjoys a good game and likes to control it as much as possible. There are numbers of winning combinations in this game – all due to the number of symbols on the reels. Thus, you can be sure a winning combination awaits for you. The symbols include:

  • garlic;
  • aspen stake;
  • Dracula’s bride;
  • letters and numbers;
  • count Dracula;
  • a coffin full of gold;
  • a sunstone diamond;
  • two roses;
  • candle and a scroll;
  • vampire bat.

As you can see, with such an amount of symbols. The winning combination is a matter of time. Besides, there is a game of risk within the game triggered by a particular set of symbols. Your goal here is to pick a card with the value higher than the house. That can multiply your bet and give you even more money. Finally, you can customize your bets and also pick the most suitable language.

The Dracula Riches slot is very engaging and can tell you a great story while you make money. The art is somehow vintage, yet quite appealing. Moreover, you can win considerable money with this slot – all you need is patience and persistence. There are hundreds of thousands of victory combinations, and the return rate is quite high. You can win some extra money, increasing your bet in the game of risk. As you can see, this slot includes all you need to win an impressive prize. Make your bet and spin the reels with the Norway Casino!

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