Dungeon: Immortal Evil

The ancient evil has awoken in the old dungeons. Now, only you – the bravest hero of all times can defeat it. Go to the epic quest, fight horrible monsters, and gather new equipment. Do all you have to do to kill as many monsters and evil minions as possible and destroy all the evil creatures that will stand in your way. An immortal hero’s fate is not easy, yet you will prevail and eventually get to the bottomless pit of the ancient dungeon and destroy the eternal evil once and for all!

Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a very unusual slot. If you like video games as well as slots – this is your perfect game of choice. Both a video game where you have to travel the dungeons and fight monsters and a rewarding slot machine. The game field consists of 5 reels with 1 row and is developed to look somewhat like a dungeon-crawling role-playing game, not like a slot. Yet, this is also a very engaging and profitable slot. As a hero, you run towards evil monsters and destroy them. There are numerous symbols here:

  • Insidious Succubus;
  • Animated Skeleton;
  • Infernal Monster;
  • Evil Acolyte;
  • Stone Gargoyle, etc.

Moreover, there is a bonus game where you go right through infernal wastelands and fight monsters, gathering loot and gold. This bonus round can be triggered by finding a unique portal. There you will lose your health in the aftermath of the battles, and even have to kill the boss!

The game’s graphics look astonishing. There is no hint it is a slot – it looks like a well designed role-playing game about monsters and heroes. There are plenty of animations and special effects in Dungeon: Immortal Evil, and it is very engaging to participate in the brave hero’s adventures. Besides, there are many chests within the rooms, so you will be rewarded significantly after every spin. Do not hesitate to place your bets here – it is one of the most engaging Bollywood Casino games, and you shouldn’t miss it!

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