Epic Gladiators

Being one of the Epic Gladiators, your goal is to defeat the dead army that is invading your hometown. You’ve got a shield and a sword. And a good armor, and a perfect attitude to make sure the dead will die once again and never return. And, of course, you’ve got several assistants to help you fight off the enemy. As you can see, all you have to do is to relax, spin the reels and do your best when battling enemies. As a result, you will win tons of coins and retire as a rich and famous gladiator. So, why don’t you make the first spin?

Epic Gladiators is an unusual match 3 video slot with 7 reels and 7 rows. We’ve combined here several kinds of games, thus you can be sure the chances to win here are incredibly high. Several kinds of supplementary bonuses will help you succeed and multiply your bet several times. The reels include lots of symbols:

  • Skull Coin;
  • Gladiator Sword;
  • Metal Shield;
  • War helmet;
  • Restless Fire, etc.

Your goal is to spin the reels and get 5 or more same symbols, connected vertically or horizontally. That will make your winning combination. Of course, there is a Wild symbol that will fill the gap in your winning combos. Moreover, there are several other bonuses in Epic Gladiators. For example, if the main character will kill an enemy, you will instantly get free speech depending on the number of enemies defeated. Moreover, there are special events, but that is something you should discover yourself.

Of course, there are other additional bonuses and gifts – but you’d better learn them personally. As you can see, there are incredible chances you will make tons of money in just a few rounds. The graphics in this game is excellent yet a bit toony, and you will definitely enjoy it while spinning the reels. There are numerous special effects and animations to entertain you a bit more. So, to cut a long story short – do not hesitate and get into the game immediately. Norway Casino offers you the best slots to spin and win!

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