Sea of Spins

Welcome to the high sea! You are a brave pirate captain, and recently you’ve drowned a rich merchant ship. A bit of overreacting, you could say. Now you have to raid the shipwreck’s place and search for all the treasures you can find. After all, there was a fierce battle, and you deserve a reward. There are lots of treasures in the Sea of Spins waiting to be salvaged – and it is up to you how much money you will get when spinning the reels of your ship again and again. The treasures await – be persistent and get the most of them!

Sea of Spins game is an incredible 3D slot machine with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed pay lines. The game offers you to embrace the pirate captain’s role and gather different remains on the shipwrecks’ places. There are numerous ways to make money while salvaging well-drawn 3D-chests and boxes, so do not waste your chance! As usual – your main goal is to get rich by gathering the most profitable winning combinations again and again. There are numerous symbols on those reels to make sure you will prevail, including:

  • Treasure Map Scroll;
  • Armored Chest;
  • Gilded Compass;
  • Precious Pearl;
  • Bottle of Rum, etc.

To increase your chance to win, there is a Wild symbol. It can fill absolutely any gap in your winning combinations and make you instantly rich. Moreover, there is a Scatter – 3 of them will launch a Free Spins round with numerous multipliers and bonuses. Finally, there are several types of random events – but that is something you should discover yourself. As you can see, there are many opportunities to make massive money with the Sea of Spins slot, and all you have to do is start your game.

Sea of Spins slot is an incredibly beautiful and well-animated 3D-game. The playing field is decorated to look like a shipwreck place in the sea, and when spinning the reels, you see lots of useful things emerging from the deep. All the symbols and background are perfectly animated, and you will enjoy a real show with every winning combination. Finally, the music here is great, so you will have your best time during the spins. And let’s not forget – this is a very rewarding game, so you will definitely make tons of money with a single bet. Do not hesitate – start spinning the reels and get as much money as you want with the Norway Casino!

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