Four Aces

Four Aces is a straightforward instant game that offers you to place a bet on a specific Ace and then to guess its position. This is an instant board game that is easy to play and to win. There are numerous opportunities to increase your multiplier – or decrease it. You can place bets up to three Aces, yet you will get several ways more money if you get a single ace. Thus, that instant game will bring you tons of money because it is easy. And tons of joy – because it is profitable. Go ahead, make a bet!

How do you play Four Aces? The game is straightforward. First, on a board below, you place the bet on a specific Ace you think you will find among the others. If you want, you can place bets on up to three Aces at once. Second, you see the cards shuffling. Finally, the third – you pick the card. If you’ve predicted the Ace’s position right – you get the money. Of course, if you bet a higher sum on a single card, you will make more money, yet it is up to you how much to bet. There is no way a random numbers generator can cheat, so every round’s outcome is absolutely random. That’s it.

Four Aces is a very appealing and engaging game that can bring you tons of coins in no time. The artwork here looks excellent and enjoyable to watch. The background sounds are great, and this game will help you relax while making money. What is really good about Four Aces is that you can instantly win lots of money without further waiting. So cut the hesitations and place your bet here. Win as much money as you want with the Norway Casino!

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