Fruit Shop

If you like bright colors and modern design, if you enjoy a relaxed game and want to be sure you will make some money with this slot – the Fruit Shop is your best choice. You’ve entered the colorful fruit shop, and now you have to get as many fruits as possible to make your perfect salad. But there could be no salad without prizes and lots of fun. Spin the reels and get as many juicy fruits for you as you can – and there are plenty of additional bonuses to make your game fun and profitable.

The Fruit Shop slot offers you a game field with the five reels. There are 15 active lines with different symbols that include:

  • lemons;
  • plumps;
  • oranges;
  • watermelons;
  • letters and digits.

As you can see, the number of symbols is high enough to get your prize regularly. In fact, every three spins can be very profitable for you with a bit of luck. There are over several thousands of prize combinations, and additional bonuses that will multiply your funds. The interface is convenient and looks great. It includes the triggers to toggle your bets and the “Autoplay” mode if you don’t want to press the “Start” button every second.

Moreover, there is a Wild symbol that will help you fill the gaps in your victory combinations, to ease your game even more. This is one of the most beautiful Norway Casino games that will cheer you up with its mere appearance. And what is the greatest pleasure – this game will make you happy. Because, you know, they say – fruits are very good for your health!

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