Green Grocery

You’ve run into the Green Grocery, and the Farmer, owning it, told you he couldn’t sell any vegetables. You agree to help in case the Farmer will give you the share of profits. The Farmer is ready to accept your offer on one term – you have to bet on the amount of money you will get for your service. It looks like the Farmer is going to have his pockets empty – because you know well how to play such games. It is up to you how much coins will end up in your pockets – you have to be patient and persistent to get the biggest share of the Green Grocery!

Green Grocery is a classic 5×3 slot with lots of symbols. As usual – your goal is to use the bonuses and multipliers to win a fortune while spinning the reels and gathering the best combinations in the game. That won’t be too hard, because there are numerous symbols in the game:

  • Box of Vegetables;
  • Jolly Farmer;
  • Sneaky Mouse;
  • Numerous Vegetables;
  • Green Grocery Sign.

All these and many other symbols will make sure your victory is at hand. Due to the number of symbols, statistically, there are numerous chances you can have a winning combination and increase your gains dozens of times. Moreover, several hidden bonuses and multipliers will increase the chances of victory and make you rich and happy!

Green Grocery is a beautiful and fun game at a time. It is really easy to win, so your time will be worth all the effort. All you have to do is to be persistent and have some patience. All the odds here are in your favor, so the sooner you will spin the reel the first time, the better your chance to win will be. Do not hesitate and make your best bets with the Norway Casino. Enjoy your huge winnings right now!

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