Gryphon’s Gold

Gryphon’s Gold is your reliable slot if you want to enter the world of magic and miracles. Together with the magnificent Gryphon, you’ll become a part of the magic kingdom, where lots of treasures await for the hero to claim them. Will you become that hero? Will you discover a world where magical creatures still exist? Will you be able to get the guarded Gryphon’s Gold and become rich and famous? That is up to you!

One of the most engaging slots in the Norway Casino, the Gryphon’s Gold offers you lots of winning combinations, consisting of:

  • griffin;
  • unicorn and forest nymph;
  • gnomes and magic mushrooms;
  • fabulous trees and maps!

The game’s graphics are just excellent! The very interface of the slot resembles a magical forest, full of fantastic creatures. The image is high-detailed and impressive – yet it will not affect your game even if you’ve got issues with your Internet connection. Moreover, there are plenty of special symbols and bonuses that will make your game easy and profitable, including the Wild that can replace the elements you lack for the winning combination. Finally, there are plenty of bonuses appearing right during the spins, adding more chances to your victory.

There are additional benefits for everyone playing the Gryphon’s Gold, but it is always better to discover them yourself, right? So cut the hesitations and start your first spin just right now!

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