Heads & Tails

Heads & Tails is precisely what it says – it is a game where you have to flip a coin and predict if it will be heads or tails. You guess – you win. The bigger your bet – the larger the outcome. Considering that there are only two sides to the coin, it is effortless to make some money in this game. All you have to do is to be patient and to flip the coin again and again. And if you want to spice the game up – you can add extra coins to your flips.

Heads & Tails is a game easy-to-use by any player. You will not spend extra second thinking on how to toggle its settings. There is everything you need on one game field:

  • a coin field;
  • the interface to customize the bet;
  • flips history, etc.

All you have to do is to guess right and place a proper bet – and you will instantly win a considerable amount of money. Finally, Heads & Tails is your perfect game if you want to make some sort of decision and don’t know what to do. That is your best game to spend some time, win extra money, and get a “Yes/No”answer.

The flipping coins can be really engaging. Besides, your chances are usually 50/50, which makes the game fair and easy to win. Moreover, the bets here can be set at a minimum to play as long as you want. Of course, your best chance to earn considerable money is to place a maximum bet. This way, you can double the amount of money you’ve got, and switch to another slot or even withdraw your prize immediately. Winning has never been so easy!

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