Jack Hammer

Meet Jack Hammer – the bravest private detective in the city. He continues his fight against the evil Dr. Wutten, who is eager to create a nuclear bomb and do a lot of harm. Perhaps. You don’t usually go fishing with the nuke, right? So, Jack Hammer will go everywhere, trying to find where the mad doctor is, while the doc will hide aboard his sinister dirigible and make some evil laughs and do all the stuff the evil doctors usually do. And your goal is to help whomever you want, but, mainly – to make tons of money, spinning the reels.

Jack Hammer is a unique slot machine – because it looks like a page of the comic book. The reels are also decorated as the characters and scenes from comix, so, in fact, you will observe the engaging detective story while spinning the reels. The game mechanic is straightforward – it is your standard 5×3 reels slot with 25 fixed pay lines. The symbols include:

  • Jack Hammer Detective;
  • Evil Dr. Wutten;
  • Gazette Boy;
  • Whispering Secretary;
  • Malevolent Zeppelin;
  • Car Chase etc.

The game has a Scatter and Wild, and those symbols do what they are supposed to. The Wild will fill the gap of any winning combination, while 3 Scatters in a row will trigger a Free Spins game with bonuses and multipliers. 25 lines will make sure you always win and, at least, is able to return the amount of your bet. But, usually, you gain tons of coins from the very beginning.

Jack Hammer is an engaging and really extraordinary slot – it has got a splendid appeal and is very easy to win. The game looks lovely and got a tremendous comic-style soundtrack. Moreover, it looks great, and you will enjoy every moment you spend in it. This game has a great atmosphere. Furthermore, your profit can be enormous while spinning the reels. Do not hesitate and place your first bet to make a fortune in this slot. Winning with Norway Casino is always easy and fun!

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