Jingle Bells

In case you like Christmas – and enjoy Christmas gifts – Jingle Bells is your perfect slot machine. Let it not trick you – the game reel might be small, and the amount of symbols is less than the other slots’, it grants you absolutely mad chances to win. This is a game of gifts that will reward you for patience and persistence with crazy prizes and numerous bonuses. If you want a slot that can 100% make you rich – you’ve come to the right place. Christmas will be long and profitable this year!

The game field is quite small – it consists of 3×2 reels. You might think it is too small and your chances to win are low, but you are very wrong. There are not too many symbols on those tiny reels so that they will grant you the winning combinations regularly. The symbol set includes:

  • Jingle Bells;
  • Delicious Fruits;
  • Prominent Bar;
  • Lucky 777.

At first sight, it seems the symbols set are tiny. But, due to the small number of reels and symbols, you usually win quite a formidable amount of coins not only to cover your bets and even get profits! Thus, even starting with the smallest bet, you will end with several hundred on your game account. That makes the game one of the most rewarding slots of the onlinecasinonorway.net. And let’s not forget there are bonuses and multipliers in this game – and even a hidden bonus round.

For example, triple Jingle Bells on a reel will grant you a multiplier bonus that can provide you with the various multipliers. And you know what is even more engaging? It is up to you what bonus to pick. You can choose your bonus multiplier, guessing the most rewarding position and increasing your bet several times. You can double or even quadruple your initial bet, and win tons of money. As you can see, the Jingle Bells slot is one of the easiest and profitable games in the Norway Casino – so be hurry to place your bet right now!

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