Joker Pro

The Joker Pro is a classic casino slot. Imagine that you are a guest of the fancy casino in Las Vegas – your goal is to score as many winning combinations as possible. You might think that could be tricky – but you forgot about the Joker who is here to help you win and get out of the casino as many coins as you can carry. So it is up to you – spin the reels and get as many colorful prize symbols as possible. No victory comes without persistence, so show some patience, and you will get the best prize of the Joker Pro!

The Joker Pro slot offers you a game field with the 5×3 reels. There are lots of active pay lines with plenty of symbols that can build up different winning combinations, including:

  • Super 777;
  • Lucky Horseshoe;
  • Golden Bells;
  • Shiny Diamonds;
  • Fortune Clover Leaf etc.

As you can see, there are more than enough symbols to make a winning combo on such a tiny field! Besides, if you fill the reels with at least one Jester Cap that is the local Scatter, you’ll start a 2-3-4 Free Spins game with plenty of multipliers. Finally, you’ve got a chance to win a random multiplier or get engaged in the Big Win game, where you will get at least 100 coins. As you can see, the game is really rewarding and profitable.

Joker Pro is a beautiful high-detailed slot machine. There are lots of Free Spins waiting for you in this game. All the symbols in this game are animated, so you can enjoy observing them performing some memorable tricks. Generally, the more spins you make, the closer your super prize is – that’s how the Joker Pro slot works! Hesitate no more – place your bet and join the Joker Pro in the most profitable game club – the Norway Casino!

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