Journey to the West

You are a brave Monkey King who is about to make a famous Journey to the West in order to achieve enlightenment and make lots of gold while fighting monsters because there could be no actual enlightenment if your pockets are empty. In the end, you will climb the divine mountain and eat a peach of immortality, but for now, why not make money engaging in the battles and winning gold with the sacred reels? Make a bet, spin the reels, and travel through ancient mythical China for fun and profit!

Journey to the West is a classic and very good-looking slot machine with 5×3 reels and 20 fixed pay lines. The number of winning combinations here is extended because there are so many symbols on those reels. You would be surprised by the number of winning combinations you gather. The symbols list is not limited to:

  • Monkey King;
  • Mysterious Monk;
  • Jolly Piggy;
  • Magic Staff;
  • Letters & Digits, etc.

As usual – this slot includes a Wild symbol that will fill the gap in any of your winning combinations. Moreover, the game has a unique Bonus game triggered by the randomly appearing Bonus symbol. This game can be very rewarding, but you should discover it personally – that is how you will be engaged, right? Finally, there are three kinds of Free Spins that are triggered by three different types of combinations. When revealed, you get a particular multiplier for every kind of them.

The Journey to the West slot’s game field looks excellent and very colorful. The game embraces traditional Chinese style and you will get all the vibes of this place. There are clouds and mountains in the background and the music here is incredible. It is an excellent game to both bet and enjoy your free time while making money. Do not hesitate and place your bets here with the Norway Casino – Journey to the West can be very rewarding!

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