Katerina’s Lust

Katerina’s Lust is a story of Katerina and her incredible ways of enjoying her free time. There are plenty of ways she can make her time better, and, as you may have guessed, all of them are really engaging to watch. Besides, this girl is your best anime chick, so in case you are into this stuff, you will be delighted! Start having fun with Katerina right now!

Katerina’s Lust is a 5×3 slot machine with 10 paylines and numerous victory combinations. The main star of the show is Katerina herself, who is eager to reveal all her secrets and show you her best ways to have fun while being alone. The victory is at hand here because there are lots of symbols on those reels:

  • Katerina’s Moan;
  • Soft And Round;
  • Backwards Fun;
  • Feel The Joy;
  • Funny Toys, etc.

Moreover, the slot includes several bonuses and multipliers to ensure you will be victorious at the end of almost every round. There is a Wild symbol that will fill every winning combination and trigger some hidden bonuses. Moreover, there is a Scatter – three of them will trigger the bonus game with free spins and multipliers. Finally, the odds here are toggled in a player’s favor, so you will win tons of money in no time.

The artwork in the game is absolutely great and made to resemble hentai cartoon. Every symbol is fully animated, so you will enjoy every time you get a victory combination. Moreover, the game includes built-in bonuses and multipliers to make your victory several steps closer. In fact, almost every spin will grant you a bonus, so you will almost certainly return the money you’ve bet – that is the least you can expect from the game. Finally, the scenes here are perfectly drawn, so every victory combination will please you incredibly. Try Katerina’s Lust and win your lakh right now!

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