Lucky Drink in Egypt

Do you want to go on vacation? Then get your Lucky Drink in Egypt with the jolly tourist. Have you ever found the treasures while being drunk? Well, this is your lucky chance to do so! The Egyptian land awaits the tourists and adventurers to share the treasures of ancient times. Perhaps, you are not the icon treasure hunter – but you are brave and really drunk! That is when we usually meet Cleopatras and trick the cunning imps. Take a few more beers for luck and investigate – the treasures of the old are waiting for you!

Lucky Drink in Egypt slot is an entertaining, engaging, and rewarding game at the same time. It is amusing to watch the adventures of a drunk guy in Egypt and ever participate in the most epic ones! There are so many symbols in this slot – they almost guarantee you the victory. All you have to do is to be patient. See for yourself:

  • Lucky Drink Sarcophagus;
  • Jolly Tourist;
  • Charming Cleopatra;
  • A Sphynx Cat;
  • Appealing Bar;
  • Foaming Beer;
  • Tourist Hat;
  • Shining Candle;
  • Pharaohs Scepter;
  • A Tricky Imp.

Besides, this slot has really appealing graphics and exquisite artworks. Every symbol in a winning combination is animated, so you will enjoy watching them every time you get your prize. To increase the player’s chances, Lucky Drink in Egypt includes the game of risk; when to double your bet, you have to pick a card with the value higher than the house. Moreover, there is a hidden Free ReSpins super game – you have to discover it yourself, yet the award is totally worth it.

This slot is really engaging and fun – it is quite popular among the players. Taking into account there are plenty of symbols on the reels, and the victory chances are really high, that is why players from all over the world love to spend time in this slot. If you were looking for the awarding and funny game – guess, you’ve found it. Lucky Drink in Egypt is a great game to spend some time as well as to win tons of money with close to none efforts. Do not hesitate any second – make a bet and spin the reels with the Norway Casino!

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