Magic Wheel

Welcome to the Magic Wheel online game show! Here you can win tons of money with absolutely no efforts – all you have to do is to place a bet and start the spin of the Magic Wheel. Depending on your luck you will get a multiplier, increasing your bet. Thus, placing 1 coin, if lucky enough, you can end up with over x35 coins at your disposal. We’ve added two extra wheels, so during the game you can switch between them, increasing your bet’s multiplier.

How do you play Magic Wheel? There are no special terms. You place the bet and start the wheel’s rotation. At the end of the round the arrow will point to a multiplier that will be added to your bet. There are two extra wheels, so in case you will end up on the “Next Wheel” sector, you will be automatically switched to the next wheel with even bigger multipliers. The multipliers on the third wheel can get up to x35, increasing your money dramatically.

As you can see, the Magic Wheel is an instant game with numerous opportunities to double, triple or quadruple your money in a single lucky spin. It is a pure game of luck, because no side factors can affect the rotation’s result. Of course, the bigger your bet is, the better the prize will be – you can easily toggle the bet’s amount from 0,01 to 100. This instant game is awesome for everyone who wants to see the result immediately and make crazy amounts of money. Place your bet and win with the Norway Casino now!

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