Mine Field

Mine Field offers you the role of the best sapper in the whole bomb squad. Your goal is to clean the minefield in the former battle zone. To achieve this, you go through it, making a clear path for your team. Every field you’ve crossed will bring you tons of money, depending on the bet. There are numerous fields out there and your goal is to clean as many as you want. Remember – the biggest money is usually for the biggest field, so prepare to thoroughly think your steps!

How do you play Mine Field? There are no special skills required. First, you choose the size of the minefield – from 2×3 to 6×15. Then you click the sector of the field you think is clean of mine. You go there, and… it is either a mine, or you survive, till the next sector. Your goal is to cross the minefield and stay alive. And do this as many times as you want, earning tons of money in the process. Of course, the further into the field you go, the bigger the multipliers are applied to your bet.

Mine Field is an accurate, stylish, and engaging instant game with numerous opportunities to double, triple, or quadruple your money. Of course, the bigger your bet is, the larger the minefield you are sweeping – the bigger multipliers are applied to your money. Besides, it is really exciting to guess where mine is and move one more step through the field. This instant game is incredible for everyone who wants to see the result immediately and make crazy amounts of money. Place your bet and win with the Norway Casino now!

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