More or Less

More or Less is a very easy yet very engaging and profitable instant game that offers you to make money in a blink of an eye. You could have guessed the rules of the game from its title. All you have to do is to guess whether a hidden number will be more or less than the visible one. That’s it. Of course, there is always a chance that both numbers will be even – if you guess this, you will make extra money. As you can see, with little to no effort, you can make a considerable amount of cash, just predicting the numbers.

How do you play More Or Less? This instant game is straightforward and can be started by the player with absolutely no experience. First, you should place the initial bet. The random number will appear in the window on the right side of the screen. Your goal is to guess if the number on the left side will be more, less or even. After you push a corresponding button, the random numbers generator will show if you were right or wrong. There is one particular kind of bet – you can bet if the number that appears will be even or odd.

More Or Less is a very engaging instant game that is easy to play and to win. The graphics here look great – the interface of the game is designed to look like some mechanical digits calculator. The sound is corresponding, with all the ringing and buzzing. Finally, the chance to win here is really great, and you will enjoy tons of money in no time. Stop hesitating, place your bet and win tons of money with Norway Casino!

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