Mosquitozzz slot offers you a chance to fight annoying blood-sucking insects back. Spin the reels, win a fortune, buy a considerable palace, and live there protected from those mosquitoes! OK< perhaps that’s not hot it works. Yet this game offers you to spin the reels and make tons of money while laughing at the funny insects and their adventures. Moreover, this slot machine will cheer you up at any moment and help you make a really vast amount of rupees.

Mosquitozzz is a classic 5×3-reels slot with 9 pay lines. The game has got a bit of a vintage atmosphere and lots of chances to win. Your goal is to gather as many winning combinations as you can. There are formidable amount of symbols on the reels, so your game will be smooth and awarding:

  • Annoying Mosquito;
  • Greedy Bug;
  • Buzzing Fly;
  • Jolly Bee;
  • Letters and Numbers etc.

Besides, the Mosquitozzz has got a built-in risk game that is activated with a particular combination. There you’ve got an instantly growing multiplier for your bet, yet you have to guess the color of the dice’s side. There is a Scatter symbol that will trigger it – and the Wild will fill the gap in any winning combination. The artwork of the game is a bit vintage yet engaging and very fun. You will smile while playing the game and facing different insects. Besides, the game is well-animated, and there are numerous funny situations during the gameplay.

Mosquitozzz is an excellent classic game for every player – from the beginner to the most experienced one. Spin the reels and win tons of coins with every bet. Make sure those annoying mosquitos will share their gold and gems with you and start winning right now. Be the one who will make a fortune with the Mosquitozzz slot machine in the Norway Casino!

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