Princess of Swamp

You’ve faced the enchanted frog, who is, actually, the Princess of Swamp. She offers you to help her leave the swamp, while you will win a fortune, betting with the crocodile. The journey ahead is tricky yet very rewarding, and you are, being a real pro, see the glittering treasures ahead. All you have to do is spin the magic reels, save the princess, and become rich at the same time!

Princess of Swamp is a classic 5×3 slot with lots of symbols. As usual – your goal is to use the bonuses and multipliers to win a fortune while spinning the reels and gathering the best combinations in the game. That won’t be too hard, because there are numerous symbols in the game:

  • Bar x1, x2, x3;
  • Dormant Crocodile;
  • Hungry Caterpillar;
  • Cheerful Snail;
  • Enchanted Frog Princess.

These and plenty of other symbols will make the winning combinations that will increase your wealth and make you rich eventually. To make even more money, the slot includes the game of risk when you have to pick a card with the value bigger than the house. Moreover, there is a built-in game that offers you to guide the Princess of Swamp through the swamp and avoid the Crocodile jaws. That game will add you multipliers that will help you double the amount of your prize or increase it several times.

The slot is garnished with a bit vintage yet charming artwork and includes a lot of animated objects. The crocodile cheers you up, and the winning combinations start blinking and moving, so you will not miss any of them. The slot includes triggers to define the amount of money you bet, the Automatic Play mode to avoid tapping the screen every second, and plenty of other tools to make your game smooth and engaging. If you want to have a great time while making money – do not hesitate to place your bet in the Norway Casino right now!

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