Pumpkin Fairy

You are the Pumpkin Fairy. Your goal is to learn the magic spells and grow your garden of pumpkins to make some profits. Yet, you are quite young and have much to learn. The improper spell will interrupt your pumpkins growing, and you have to gather enough water to make sure your pumpkins are in good condition. Fear not – this is easy, because all you have to do is spin the reels and be prepared for the bonus and super bonus games. Growing pumpkins can be very profitable.

Pumpkin Fairy is a magnificent slot machine with 5×3 reels and 9 fixed pay lines. As you might guess, your goal is to get as many winning combinations as possible. That is quite easy to achieve because the number of symbols on the reels is promising:

  • The Book of Magic;
  • Garden Watering Can;
  • Living Crystal Ball;
  • Sack of Coins;
  • Fairy Magic Hat;
  • Garden Shovel.

And there is more – for example, the Pumpkin symbol is the one that can reveal the hidden bonus game for you. Gather three of them on one screen, and access it to make a bit more money. In a bonus game, you have to water the pumpkins in the right order. Grow all the five pumpkins and join the Super Bonus Game, where you can win up to 675,000 coins at a time!

Moreover, the Pumpkin Fairy slot includes a risk game – there you have to guess the color of one of the four remaining cards. Every time your guess is correct, you double your initial bet. As you can see, this slot is very profitable. Besides, the game is stunning – the graphics here are a bit cartoonish, yet very charming. Thus, hesitate no more and place your first bet to start growing pumpkins and double your balance money right now!

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