Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

Being one brave adventurer, you end up in the mysterious pyramid of gods. Your goal is to outsmart them in their favorite game. The reward is incredible wealth and immortality. That’s it – if you win, you will be eternally rich. To win in this quest, you have to unveil all the hidden treasures. A tricky task – but there are numerous characters eager to help. Place your bet and win the best prize possible. Reveal the secret of the ancient pyramid in the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality!

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality has an incredible pyramid-like game field with incredibly high chances to win. Your goal is to match the symbols on three or more adjacent reels – not in a row. That makes the game several times easier to win. Even the smallest bet can bring you hundreds of coins due to the numerous multipliers. Moreover, the winning combinations are enormous due to the number of victory symbols:

  • Generous Ramses;
  • Charming Cleopatra;
  • Mystic Scarab;
  • Noble Ra;
  • Dreadful Seth;
  • Numbers and letters.

There is one special condition in the game – if you get two victory combinations in a row, you’ll have one orb of the Avalanche Multipliers accumulated. Two more victories will increase your bet up to x4. And what is even better – you can store these multipliers as long as you’ve got winning combinations. That special term will make your game even more comfortable and profitable. Another distinguishing feature of the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is the graphics – it is really great. The symbols are brilliantly animated, and you can enjoy just watching the game field.

If you feel like a true explorer and adventurer seeking ancient treasures – that is the game you just have to play. Lots of multipliers and bonuses will make your game easy, and your prizes high. Start spinning the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality reels and get your share of the divine treasures and the chance to become immortal!

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