Resident slot offers you the role of the deeply covered secret agent who is about to discover enemy secrets. You are one step away from the victory. Now you have to find out the code to the safe, spinning the reels. Your best spin will give you tons of money and all the secrets of your rival. Only such an experienced intelligence resident can succeed in such a critical mission. You either win or win – there is no other option. Crack the safe, get the money, and the top-secret documents and live the life of a rich and prosperous winner!

Please, note: there is a special term for this game. For your 2nd deposit on the, you will get 25 Free Spins for 1,500 added to your balance, and 50 Free Spins if you replenish your balance for 5,000. That means you can start the Resident game with extra Free Spins! As you can see, you can start this game with essential privileges.

Resident is a classic slot with 5×3 reels with 9 fixed pay lines – these terms can ensure your victory. The other thing that can increase your chances of winning is the number of symbols on those reels. Winning combinations await you with the:

  • Heavy Machine Gun;
  • Spy Hidden Gun;
  • Gas Mask;
  • Medal of Honor;
  • Top Secret Documents, etc.

Moreover, the slot includes the game of risk where you are offered to pick a card that value is bigger than the house. If you won, you double your prize – note that you can do this up to 4 times! Of course, the game has lots of bonuses and multipliers, so winning is very easy. If lucky enough, you can double the amount of money on your deposit within the first 15 minutes.

The graphics in the Resident is a bit outdated – yet it was drawn in a cartoonish style on purpose. The slot interface looks awesome, with plenty of animation and special effects marking your victory now and then. The play field looks sharp and you can easily find all the required triggers and buttons. Slot machine is actually quite easy to master and very profitable to play. So, if you want to have a great time while making money – do not hesitate to place your bet in the Norway Casino right now!

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