Riches of India

Riches of India offers you to look back at India’s history. Those times when maharajas were rich and powerful, mysteries were hidden behind every corner, and in the beautiful palaces, numerous treasures from all over the world were stored. A wonderful time indeed. But you know what? You’ve got a chance to discover those fabulous times once again! Spin the reels of the Riches of India slot and get a bit of those untold treasures to your account. Get a chance to dive into the ocean of golden coins and gems – feel like the powerful maharaja with the Riches of India!

Riches of India is a classic slot with five reels. It offers you to win a lot of money, just gathering the prize combinations. Your goal is to build winning chains with different symbols:

  • digits and letters;
  • magnificent Taj Mahal;
  • mighty elephants;
  • beautiful girl;
  • powerful maharaja.

Besides building the winning combinations of those symbols. There are hidden messages that you can reveal, gathering a particular set of symbols. For example, if you get the combination that will tell you the hidden location of maharaja’s palace, you get extra 50,000 coins as a gift. Yet, you’ll need some patience to discover all the secrets of this game.

Riches of India is a game that will help you to deep into the atmosphere of legendary India when elephants were walking the streets, the magic was right in the air, and everyone was prosperous and happy. And don’t forget numerous multipliers that accompany you throughout the game – using them will make your spins easy and profitable. So hurry up – the Riches of India awaits you!

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