Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice is a straightforward yet very engaging and profitable instant game that offers you to make money in a blink of an eye. You could have guessed the rules of the game from its title. All you have to do is to roll the dice and guess the number that will appear. That’s it. Of course, you can place a bet that the number will be over or under some digit, yet the amount of money you win this way will be a bit less. As you can see, with little to no effort, you can make a considerable amount of cash, just predicting the numbers.

How do you play Roll The Dice? This instant game is straightforward and can be started by the player with absolutely no experience. 1st, you should place the initial bet. 2nd, you should determine the number that will appear after the dice roll. 3rd, you should press the “Roll” button and see the dice appear. There is one particular kind of bet – a risk bet – can be applied. You can choose up to three numbers that, according to you, will appear after the dice rolled. This bet can bring you extra money.

Roll The Dice is a very engaging instant game that is easy to play and to win. The graphics here look great – the interface of the game is inspired by one of the most famous team first-person shooter games, so you will enjoy the game even more. The sound is also great. Finally, the chance to win here is really high, and you will enjoy tons of money in no time by merely toggling the auto roll feature. Stop hesitating, place your bet and win tons of money with Norway Casino!

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