Silver Fox

Silver Fox is a vintage classic 5×3 slot that is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy the free time and win a lot of money. Your goal is to score as many victory combinations as possible. The mentioned Silver Fox and other forest dwellers would help you with that. Spin the reels, win money and try to get a Northern Lights to reveal the hidden bonus game. Get as much money as you can carry and enjoy one of the most accessible games of the Norway Casino!

Despite the fact you might think the game has not enough reels, there are plenty of symbols to guarantee your victory. Besides, the number of winning combinations is unusually high – that was set to make sure the players will enjoy the game. The reels symbols include:

  • grey northern owl;
  • winter hedgehog;
  • fluffy marten;
  • majestic Northern Lights;
  • white rabbit;
  • letters and digits.

A Silver Fox plays the wild role, helping you to fill the gap in your victory combination. Three symbols on a screen start a bonus game with lots of multipliers, so you have a chance to make extra money and even double your balance in one round. We did it on purpose, to make sure all the players will enjoy the game and get the biggest prize possible.

The Silver Fox slot is appealing, yet a bit of a vintage game. The artworks are charming, and there are extra game animations to highlight your winning rounds. The game is easy to master, and you will spend a lot of time spinning the reels and making as much money as you can. All you need to start this game is a bet and a bit of patience because this slot is advantageous – yet, it might take some time to win the biggest prize. So get all the patience you can and start spinning the reels now!

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