The Ming Dynasty

There was a time in Ancient China when the wise and the mighty emperor Ming ruled the country. It was the age of prosperity and incredible progress. The Chinese invented their famous porcelain and even started to use the gunpowder to entertain the crowds. These were the times of the highest cultural development of this magnificent kingdom. And this age laid a foundation for enormous treasures waiting to be discovered. Spin the reels and get the imperial treasures at your disposal – become as rich as the Chinese emperor was and enjoy your game!

The Ming Dynasty is a classic slot that invites you to the Chine of the Ming dynasty epoque. Your goal is to score as many winning combinations as you can in order to get all the imperial treasures at your disposal. That won’t take long, because there are lots of symbols in these reels:

  • Ming Emperor;
  • Jade Dragon;
  • Imperial Courtesan;
  • Exquisite Porcelain;
  • Sacred Necklace;
  • Letters and Digits.

As you can see, you’ve got numerous potential combinations to make sure you win as often as possible. Moreover, some bonuses and multipliers can be revealed, adding even more coins to your balance. If you have enough patience and stay persistent, you will make your initial money rate double or quadruple. It is up to you.

The slot machine’s graphics look great, and you can enjoy it while spinning the reels. The symbols have plenty of details to study them, and all the pictures are animated and perform a small show for you when you’ve got a winning combo. Besides, the game is profitable because even the lowest bet can bring you a lot of money, not only covering your spin but also bringing profit. Now, since you know the rules, do not waste any time more and start your first spin. The Ming Dynasty’s riches await you!

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