The Spanish Armada

Behold – the mighty Spanish Armada set sails and went roaming the seas. No one can compete with this unbeatable fleet! Tons of gold and diamonds from all over the world rest in the ships’ holds. Your only chance to get those treasures is to win them in a fair game. Get to the steering wheel and spin the reels to get as much gold from the Spanish fleet as you can carry. Your treasure awaits you right now! But make sure you know where to spend all the money you are about to win!

The Spanish Armada slot is a well-drawn and very engaging game, themed on the Spanish fleet. There are numerous marked symbols that you have to collect and get your reward in the conclusion. This game has, probably, one of the most significant amounts of symbols on the reels:

  • Spanish Fleet;
  • Noble Admirals;
  • Boarding Sabers;
  • Steering Wheel;
  • Golden Doubloons;
  • Nasal Figure;
  • Chest of Gold;
  • Powder Keg.

And there are many more symbols. Numerous winning combinations are just inevitable because you can compose them from lots of symbols. The slot is 5×4 reels, so you’ve got plenty of chances to win. Besides, there are several options to double your prize!

What is interesting – the game includes a hidden risk game. In case of a winning combination, you can participate in the “pick a card” game, fighting versus the house. If chosen correctly, your lucky card will double your prize instantly. And you know what is good? There is an infinite amount of rounds you can take; thus, in one long game, you can earn even more than your game balance has! As you can see – the slot is very promising and rewarding. Do not hesitate – place your bet under the banner of the Spanish Armada and make an enormous amount of money!

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