Twin Spin

Twin Spin is probably one of the most rewarding slots in the At first sight, it is your regular slot with classic symbols and good old-fashioned playing rules. Yet, the game has a unique option that makes it very profitable. The main catch is that every time you spin the reels, there always will be two reels showing the same symbols in the same positions. Thus your goal is to get at least one symbol on the winning position – and, yes, there is the “Wild” in this slot. So, be prepared for some easy money at your balance.

Twin Spin has got a classic 5×3 reel. As mentioned above, two of five reels always show the same symbols. Thus, your goal to achieve the victory combination becomes way easier. In merely 15 minutes, you can double your balance just by making the lowest bets. The game is profitable due to the moderate amount of symbols:

  • Shiny Diamond;
  • Profit 7;
  • Red Bar;
  • Lucky Bell;
  • Juicy Cherry;
  • Letters and Numbers.

Of course, there is a “Wild” in the game, which will make your profits grow exponentially. For instance, you’ve got two symbols in a row, plus a Wild and the fourth symbol – this combination will make your wallet full of coins. As you can understand, chances to win in the Twin Spin is way higher than in any other game.

Twin Spin is a very engaging and profitable slot. You can win considerable money with this slot – all you need is patience and persistence. There are hundreds of thousands of victory combinations, and the return rate is quite high. As you can see, this slot includes all you need to win an impressive prize. Make your bet and spin the reels with the Norway Casino!

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